Enough has been said about the unprecedented event of last year, that is the Covid-19 pandemic, and the widespread deepening effect it has had on individuals, countries and economies. Small businesses have been impacted profoundly with several of them having to shut shop permanently. …

The Covid-19 pandemic has put a spoke in the wheel for several businesses, therefore we, deAsra, have created an 8 week intensive program to help businesses get back on track after the economic slump faced due to the lockdown.

Current Situation

The Covid-19 led pandemic can easily be termed as…

Small and micro businesses need to implement measures to stabilise and recover post the lockdown, as these businesses have borne the brunt of the pandemic and subsequent lockdown the most. We, at deAsra, propose certain steps that can be taken to ensure the stabilization and recovery of businesses.

Need For…

Pradnya Godbole, CEO — deAsra Foundation

Ms Pradnya Godbole is the CEO of deAsra Foundation, a non-profit company formed to contribute to social welfare by enabling entrepreneurship.

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